International Student

International postgraduate students are highly welcomed to study at the University of Lagos.

International students are given the first opportunity when it comes to accommodation allocation and their interest are always taken into consideration by the University Authority to ensure a smooth stay in LAG.

The international students also have a union or body composed of all international students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) to protect and promote their interests on the campuses.


Lagos is one of the greatest cities in Africa. It is the commercial and industrial nerve centre of Nigeria. A dynamic, highly diverse and multicultural metropolis of over 12 million inhabitants with bustling economic activities make Lagos a vibrant place to live, learn, work and play.

Whatever is your field of study, from mass communication to metallurgy, philosophy to pharmacognosy, studying in the University of Lagos offers opportunities to develop crucial experience and network.

With an international airport, several eateries, bars, clubs, shopping malls, lagoon, beaches etc there is so much to see and do, taste and view. Definitely studying in Lagos and in UNILAG will open your eyes to a whole new world of opportunities.


The student population in UNILAG is composed of the young and the old, the upwardly mobile executives, as well as, the forward looking job seekers.

The totality of the PG students on the campuses make living more robust, inspiring and provides an opportunity to develop the unique UNILAG culture and also develop the much needed contacts.

Students with disabilities also form an important component of our academic community and are fully supported and encouraged to excel at UNILAG.