How to login

Step 1: Provide your matriculation number in the matriculation number field provided
Step 2: Default password is your surname in small letters (Students are advised to change their passwords after login)
To confirm your matric number please
Click here (For Freshly admitted Students who havent registered)
Click here (For returning students)

Part-Payment Procedure

Part-Payment can be applied for by login in into our portal and clicking the part-payment link
The following steps are required to be taken:
1. Endorsement by coordinator
2. Endorsement by the Dean of Postgraduate Studies
3.Endorsement by the Bursary (Bursar)

The completely endoresed letter should be submitted to the Deputy Admissions Officer at the Postgraduate School
Note: Part payment is for Part-Time students only

Cannot Login

If you are unable to login kindly take the following steps

(For Fresh Students) Click here
(For Fresh Students) Click here
If your name still doesn't appear then send an email to (with your matric number, Surname, First name, Department, Programme and Mode of Study i.e Part-Time or Full-Time)

Cannot Obtain a Matriculation Number after registration (For Fresh Students Only)

If you do not receive a matriculation number after registration
Check the Last Institution Attended field on the biodata form to ensure that the right institutionattended is inputted If you finished from unilag ensure that you have provided your old matric number
If you are not an alumnus of University of Lagos, kindly remove University of Lagos, as the last institution attended.

Cannot Register

Ensure that your photograph is uploaded
Ensure that the biodata form is completely filled
Ensure that there's no outstanding payment to be made, this can be confirmed by clicking the 'Check Bill Link'

How to Change Mode of Study on the Application Form

Login with your reference number and your surname as password
Click Edit Application Form
Re-Choose your department
Then choose your desired programme
Then change mode of study
Please Note: The application form can be editted only after payment and after you have receive a payment receipt email confirming your payment.
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