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Certificates for the 51st (2019) Convocation (held on July 7th – 8th 2021) are ready for some programmes. Candidates are advised to proceed for collection following the Procedure below.


  1. Master of Art in African and Diaspora Studies
  2. Master of Art in English Language (Full Time and Part Time)
  3. Master of Art in English Literature [Full Time and Part Time]
  4. Master of Art in French (Full Time)
  5. Master of Art in History and Strategics (Full Time)
  6. Master of Art in Igbo Literature [Full Time]
  7. Master of Art in Music [Ethnomusicology] (Full Time)
  8. Master of Art in Music [Theory and Composition] (Full Time)
  9. Master of Art in Philosophy [Full Time]
  10. Master of Art in Theatre Arts (Full Time)
  11. Master of Art in Yoruba (Literature Option) (Full Time)
  12. Master of Art in Yoruba [Language Option] [Full Time]
  13. Master of Arts in Music (Full Time)
  14. Master of Arts in Visual Arts (Full Time)
  15. Masters in Diplomacy and Strategic Studies (Part Time)
  16. Masters in Facilities Management (Part Time)
  17. Masters in Project Management (Part Time)
  18. Masters in Urban and Regional Planning (Part Time)
  19. Master of Applied Geophysics (Part Time)
  20. Master of Applied Geophysics (Part Time)
  21. Master of Aquatic Resources and Pollution Management (Part Time)
  22. Master of Business Administration (Executive) Accounting Specialization (Part Time)
  23. Master of Business Administration (Executive) Finance Specialization (Part Time)
  24. Master of Business Administration (Executive) Management Specialization (Part Time)
  25. Master of Business Administration (Executive) Marketing
  26. Master of Business Administration (Executive) Production Specialization (Part Time)
  27. Master of Business Administration (Finance) (Part Time)
  28. Master of Business Administration (Management) (Part Time)
  29. Master of Business Administration (Marketing) (Part Time)
  30. Master of Business Administration (Production) (Full Time)
  31. Master of Conflict Management (Part Time)
  32. Master of Criminology [Full Time]
  33. Master of Development Finance [Part Time]
  34. Master of Dispute Resolution (Part Time)
  35. Master of Education in Adult Education (Full Time)
  36. Master of Education in Biology Education (Full Time)
  37. Master of Education in Business Education (Full Time)
  38. Master of Education in Chemistry Education (Sandwich)
  39. Master of Education In Community Development
  40. Master of Education in Comparative Education (Full Time)
  41. Master of Education in Curriculum Theory (Full Time)
  42. Master of Education In Early Childhood Education
  43. Master of Education in Early Childhood Education (Full Time)
  44. Master of Education in Education Economics [Full Time]
  45. Master of Education in Educational Administration and Planning (Full Time)
  46. Master of Education in Educational Psychology (Full Time)
  47. Master of Education in Educational Psychology [Sandwich]
  48. Master of Education in Exercise Physiology (Full Time)
  49. Master of Education in History (Full Time)
  50. Master of Education in Igbo Education (Full Time)
  51. Master of Education in Manpower Training and Development (Full Time)
  52. Master of Education in Mathematics Education (Full Time)
  53. Master of Education in Measurement and Evaluation
  54. Master of Education in Religion Education (CRS/IRS) (Full Time)
  55. Master of Education in Social Studies (Full Time)
  56. Master of Education in Sociology of Education (Full Time)
  57. Master of Employment and Labour Studies (Full Time)
  58. Master of Engineering Systems Management (MSEM) (Part Time)
  59. Master of Environmental Design [Full Time]
  60. Master of Environmental Design [Part Time]
  61. Master of Environmental Management [Part Time]
  62. Master of Geographic Information System [Part Time]
  63. Master of Geographical Information System [Part Time]
  64. Master of Geoinformatics Information Technology (Full Time)
  65. Master of Industrial Labour and Relations [Part Time]
  66. Master of Information Technology [Part Time]
  67. Master of International Law and Diplomacy (Part Time)
  68. Master of Laws (Full Time & Part Time)
  69. Master of Managerial Psychology (Part Time)
  70. Master of Molecular Diagnosis
  71. Master of Philosophy in Civil and Environmental Engineering (Geotechnics) (Full Time)
  72. Master of Process Engineering [Part Time]
  73. Master of Professional Ethics (Part Time)
  74. Master of Public Administration [Part Time]
  75. Master of Public and International Affairs [Part Time]
  76. Master of Public Health [Full Time]
  77. Master of Research and Public Policy
  78. Master of Risk Management [Part Time]
  79. Master of Science (M.Ed.) in Health Education (Full Time)
  80. Master of Science (M.Ed.) in Sports Psychology (Full Time)
  81. Master of Science (M.Ed.) in Sports Administration/Mgt. (Full Time)
  82. Master of Science in Accounting (Full Time)
  83. Master of Science in Actuarial Science (Full Time)
  84. Master of Science in Analytical Chemistry [Full Time]
  85. Master of Science in Applied Entomology and Pest Management (Full Time)
  86. Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering [Full Time]
  87. Master of Science in Botany [Full Time]
  88. Master of Science in Cell Biology & Genetics [Cell & Molecular Biology] [Full Time]
  89. Master of Science in Cell Biology and Genetics [Environmental Biology] [Full Time]
  90. Master of Science in Cell Biology and Genetics [Genetics] [Full Time]
  91. Master of Science in Chemical Engineering [Full Time]
  92. Master of Science in Chemistry [Full Time]
  93. Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering (Highways & Traffic Option) (Full Time)
  94. Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering (Water Resources & Environmental Engineering Option) (Full Time)
  95. Master of Science in Clinical Chemistry and Molecular
  96. Master of Science in Clinical Physics Education [Full Time]
  97. Master of Science in Computer Science (Full Time)
  98. Master of Science in Construction Management (Full Time)
  99. Master of Science in Economics [Full Time and Part Time]
  100. Master of Science in Elect/Elect Engineering [Control Option]
  101. Master of Science in Environmental Chemistry (Full Time)
  102. Master of Science in Environmental Toxicology & Pollution Management [Full Time]
  103. Master of Science in Estate Management [Full Time]
  104. Master of Science in Finance [Full Time and Part Time]
  105. Master of Science in Fisheries Biology & Management [Full Time]
  106. Master of Science in Geography and Planning (Full Time)
  107. Master of Science in Guidance & Counselling [Sandwich]
  108. Master of Science in Haematology and Blood Transfusion [Full Time]
  109. Master of Science in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management (Full Time)
  110. Master of Science in Management [Full Time and Part Time)
  111. Master of Science in Marine Pollution and Management [Full Time]
  112. Master of Science in Marketing (Part Time)
  113. Master of Science in Mass Communication [Full Time and Part Time)
  114. Master of Science in Mathematics (Full Time & Part Time)
  115. Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering [Full Time]
  116. Master of Science in Medical Microbiology [Full Time]
  117. Master of Science in Medical Parasitology [Full Time]
  118. Master of Science in Medical Physics [Full Time]
  119. Master of Science in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering [Full Time]
  120. Master of Science in Microbiology [Full Time]
  121. Master of Science in Natural Resources [Full Time]
  122. Master of Science in Operation Research [Part Time]
  123. Master of Science in Operations Research (Full Time)
  124. Master of Science in Organisation Behaviour [Part Time]
  125. Master of Science in Organisational Behaviour (Full Time)
  126. Master of Science in Pharmacology [Full Time]
  127. Master of Science in Physiology [Full Time]
  128. Master of Science in Physiotherapy [Full Time]
  129. Master of Science in Political Science [Full Time]
  130. Master of Science in Production and Operations Management (Full Time & Part Time)
  131. Master of Science in Public Health
  132. Master of Science in Risk Management [Full Time and Part Time)
  133. Master of Science in Statistics [Full Time]
  134. Master of Science in Surveying and Geoinformatics [Full Time]
  135. Master of Teaching of French as A Foreign Language
  136. Master of Transportation Planning and Management [Part Time]
  137. Master of Urban Design [Part Time]
  138. Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting (Part Time)
  139. Postgraduate Diploma in Biomedical Engineering
  140. Postgraduate Diploma in Cell Biology and Genetics
  141. Postgraduate Diploma in Civil and Environmental Engineering (Part Time)



  1. Login into the student portal to book an Appointment Date online.
  2. Download, Print and Complete Two (2) Clearance Forms (Originals).
  3. Make payments as indicated on the Payments Instructions herewith.
  4. Proceed to the School of Postgraduate Studies with:
    1. The two (2) completed (original) Clearance Forms
    2. Two Passport Photographs.
    3. A Photocopy of your First-Degree Certificate (Not Statement of Result).
    4. Your Student ID Card or copy of any other valid means of identification – (e.g. International Passport, National ID Card, etc).
    5. Receipts of ALL the payments.
    6. Photocopy of Marriage Certificate (for Women) or UNILAG approval of Change of Name, as applicable.
  5. Pick a copy of Lagoon Review/SPGS Magazine at School of Postgraduate Studies.



  1. Alumni Levy: N2,500 (Payable to any Bank on UNILAG Campus, which will provide the Account Details).
  1. Certificate Fee (Same as Convocation Fees if already paid): N15,000 (Payable through Remita) viz.:
    1. Login to the student portal
    2. Generate and Print Payment Advice
    3. Make the Remita payment at any Nigeria Bank or Pay Online
    4. Generate your Receipt:
      • Log in to:
      • Click ‘Get Receipt’ and Type in Your RRR
      • Print out the Receipt
    5. Take the Receipt to the University ‘Cash Office’ for authentication.




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